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a: arpf authorized_key backup basename beep brcfg
chgrp chmod chown chroot chvt cip clear
clr cmp connect control cp cp-rf crontab
date dd df dir dirname dmesg dyndns
echo edit email false filesize find fpenguin
free fromdos ftux grep gunzip gzip hardinfo
hostname htpasswd ifconfig ile insmod installpkg ipautofw
ipcalc ipfwadm ipportfw ispstats kill length ll
ln loadkmap logger login ls lsmod math
minicom mkdir mknod mkswap more mount mv
netinfo netmon nice nslookup ntpdate pidof ping
pkg play printout ps pwd random rasstats
report rm rmmod route runchk sed setserial
sh sleep snarf star stty sync sysedit
sysinfo tar tclock telnet todos touch traceroute
true tty udosctl umount umssetup umssync uname
uptime useradd userdel useredit userlist usleep utils
wc which zcat  

= agetty arpmon block_device chat clock crond
daemon dhcpcd dhcpcd-fld dhcpcd.update dhcpd diald dnsmasq
dropbear dropbearconvert dropbearkey edt fork freetime getkey
halt init ipfwd isapnp killall klogd load
logrotate lpd md5sum mgetty miterm mode oidentd
passwd pnpdump pppd pppmon pppoe pptp pptp_callmgr
psh pure-ftpd reboot remotelog rmlogs savelogs scp
serverchk servermon setleds setsite setspeed setup sftpserver
smtpclient sort ssh swapoff swapon synctime syslogd
thttpd thttpd_c tleds top tsaver update  






Project Coordinator / Lead Developer

Sincere appreciation and thanks goes out to Roger "dRB" Bedard and Douglas "Slowpoke" Rees
for the time and effort invested in the Modulator Script and Commands Database,
and to all the beta testers for their help with Quality Assurance.

Commands DB Design & Maintenance
Douglas "Slowpoke" Rees

Original Commands Modulator Design
Roger "dRB" Bedard

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