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FREESCO was developed in the open source tradition as an alternative to routing products offered by Cisco, 3-Com, Accend, Nortel etc. While all of these companies offer products that are well made, the overhead and overall costs can be expensive.

FREESCO is open source, stable, inexpensive, easy to use, extremely versatile and flexible ... and best of all, FREESCO is FREE.

FREESCO is based on the Linux operating system. And incorporates many of the features of other Linux distributions into software that fits onto a single 1.44 meg floppy diskette. With FREESCO, you can configure:

  • a simple bridge with up to 10 Ethernet segments
  • a router with up to 10 Ethernet segments
  • a dialup line router
  • a leased line router
  • an Ethernet router
  • a dial-in server with up to 10 modems (with multiport modems).
  • a time server
  • a dhcp server
  • a http server
  • a ftp server
  • a dns server
  • a ssh server
  • a print server (requires TCP/IP printing client software)

FREESCO also incorporates firewalling and NAT, which are resident within the Linux kernel, to help protect you and your network. All of these features can be used in conjunction with each other or individually.



  • Minimum install requires a 486sx with 12mb of ram. 16+mb of ram is recommended for enabling servers
  • Modes of operation. ethernet, dialup, leased, bridge, RAS, Printer server. Some of these modes can run at the same time as well as switching between dialup and ethernt modes
  • 2.0.39 Linux kernel
  • Support for up to ten networks cards
  • Support for up to ten printer queues
  • Support for up to ten modems, although only four regular modems. Support includes Unix 4 or 8 port modems
  • FREESCO v.0.3.x can run entirely from ram. This requires at least 16+MB
  • FREESCO v0.3.x can run up to 16MB of packages with ramdisks enabled on a floppy install
  • Ident, DHCP, DNS, Print, SSH, FTP, HTTP servers
  • RAS (Remote Access Server) for dialin and nullmodem connections
  • PPPoE, and PPtP clients
  • Support for Dynamic DNS, Zonedit, DHS, Loopia, and Domain-dns as well as aunsupported dynamic DNS clients that can be configured as you need it.
  • Limited support for SCSI hard drives
  • FREESCO v0.3.x can be installed on any FAT 16/32 IDE drive on the primary or secondary controller and the primary or secondary drive
  • There is an official ext2 package, built into the advanced package menu, for formatting and installing FREESCOfrom the floppy to create an ext2 installation on a hard drive.
  • The specially modified 2.0.39 Linux kernel has an increased masq table and the icmp leak patch for security as well as many other patches to enhance it's abilities.
  • ISA PnP so network cards and PnP modems can be configured.



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