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Postby Howler » Thu Dec 21, 2006 7:32 am

Hello all,

I have changed the registration process a little. Registration is possible, but I will be reviewing every registration and manually allowing or disallowing them. This is in hopes of detering SPAMMERS and I can verify that emails are good before the server sends out a bunch of email requests that will never work.

I will be creating a new forum here (for Moderators and Administrators ONLY) that will list all new registrations that have been made. With this, all Moderators and Admins will know who has just registered and who to make sure are not SPAMMERS.

SPAMMERS will be suspended then deleted from the database and the domain they used in the email address will be BANNED. I am doing this because ... since the forum has been back online we have already had a few SPAMMERS and we have had 10+ registrations with bad email addresses. I am not going to let this get out of control and will be monitoring each and every registration to make sure that we do not get registrations that we do not want. I do have it a little bit better now with the registration, but still not good enough in my eyes.

As a note, I will not stop any registration that has a working email address and seems to be here for a ligitamate reason (FREESCO Support). I will try and see if there is a better way to do this, but at the momnet this is the best.

Maybe I should add that the SPAMMERS who do get registered and do SPAM may be expecting a FULL EMAILBOX with the address they use. ( I could post their email address and let everyone have fun with them :-/ ) BUT I will not do that but am keeping a complete record of SPAMMERS (and their email used at registration) in the Admin/Moderators Section.

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