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Postby Howler » Fri Dec 22, 2006 7:42 pm

Hello all,

In the process of cleaning up the member list and to help keep accounts up-to-date, some/most of you will have seen, I had the forum send out an email to test and find out how many of our members actually had usable email addresses assigned to their accounts here. Well I have recieved over 360 emails returned as 'unknown user' (or the likes of that). I am still getting more every day, but it is down to a couple a day or so now. I have also recieved about 50+ emails notifying the sender (the forum) that the email address that it was sent to "had exceded their limit". These emails and info are being held for the moment, not knowing whether I should suspend them or not, they do work, but can not be used :-/
I will start to remove the bad email address accounts from the forum. So, to those that DID NOT recieve the email that was sent to the email address assigned to their account here, it may be worth looking into that and making sure the address is good, before I start to remove them.

I do understand that the forum was down for a while, that is why they are 'suspended' at the moment and not just deleted right off. I will give these members a little bit of time, the same amount of time it takes for me to finally get broadband, which is about a couple weeks or so.

Just for info I also received about 15 or so requests to have their accounts removed, as they do not use FREESCO any more.

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