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Postby Howler » Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:53 pm

Hello all,

Well we were doing half way decent there for a while, real reduction in spam.

Well that time has passed it seems, as most of you regulars have noticed.

With this starting to be an issue again, I have restarted the BAN list.
I would suggest that any new user that would like to sign up for a lagit account, use your ISP email address, otherwise it may not make it through.

I have BANNED almost all of the online webmail services, not all but most. This will not stop all the spammers, but it will prvent a larger number, I hope.

I, in the mean time, will be looking into the other spammer control option that was discussed a while back, and will work on implimenting that process, so that hopefully the domain name bans can be removed, if it works.

ALSO in the mean time, I have changed the registration process from JUST email verification (what I would like) to Admin processing (manual allowing each and every one, which I do not like) but see as a necessity at this time, till I can get the spam under control again.

IF any one has a problem with registration, please contact me via email FORUM-SUPPORT AT@AT FREESCO.INFO and I will look into it.

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