My wish list...

Remember this is a 1.44Mb floppy disk router, space is limited.

My wish list...

Postby yves » Thu Jul 16, 2009 3:58 pm

Hi guys,

Few years back I used FREESCO as "dialup modem to ethernet" adaptor very successfully.
Nowaday, with a faster internet access, which has an ethernet port at the demarc, I do not need such functionality anymore. This is why I stopped using FREESCO last year.

Now, looking back at what is now considered an old PC, I am thinking about what is missing for FREESCO to be useful again.
- Wireless
- USB bootable
- CD bootable
- SD card bootable
- LAN bootable

From few years ago to today, there has been changes.
- PC do not sell with a floppy anymore
- Wireless is more affordable
- CD is so common nowaday, it has been overthroned by DVD already
- USB bootability is now common

Maybe, it is time fro FREESCO to move on to the next level...

Unless it is about to give birth to a new descendant... AHEADSCOF!
(AHEAD of CISCO for Free)

Your call!

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Re: My wish list...

Postby phillipsjk256 » Sat Jul 18, 2009 4:11 pm

Wireless support would likely require a new kernel that would not fit on a 1.44MB floppy. You may be able to use Freesco with wireless if you set the access point up in "bridge mode" if that is possible. No different than using a switch when you learn that it doesn't make sense to put 5 NICs in a single computer ;)

Apparently, the 0.4.2 version is USB (and even LAN) bootable:
Readme.txt wrote:The 0.4.x system can now boot from a bootable USB device using the BIOS USB
driver. This does NOT mean that FREESCO now has USB support, but it does mean
that on systems without a floppy, a USB device can be used to install FREESCO
on the hard drive and it also means that if someone were to customize the base
ramdisk that it could in theory run in ram booted from a USB device. The
requirements to enable this ability is to change the a:\syslinux.cfg lines from
"BOOTDEV=fd0" to "BOOTDEV=usb" and that the built in network card drivers support
your network card(s), You must also be connected to the Internet to download the
kernel and ramdisk for an ext2 install or you can copy these files directly to a
FAT hard drive install from DOS. The above procedure can also be used to install
or run FREESCO using a PXE network boot procedure and using "BOOTDEV=pxe".

Freesco has been CD-ROM bootable since the "Read Floppy Once" mode was added: You can use a CD-ROM disk to emulate a floppy. As a bonus, you can use a larger-format 2.88 MB image that is not common in north-america. The difficulty is your configuration is sort of "set in stone" (literally, if you consider an aluminum disk stone). It should be still possible to find old computers with a floppy drive. Last time I checked, you can still buy floppy disks. The floppy is not dead yet.

I think SD cards would make an ideal floppy replacement. The problem is they screwed up the standard by building in Digital Rights Management. The "Secure Digital" should be read as "Secure from user tampering" not "secure place to store your work." But, I'm not bitter.
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Re: My wish list...

Postby Klaas » Sat Jan 16, 2010 2:11 pm

I agree with Yves. Put Freesco on a higher level. Put it on an usb-stick with 8Gb. Make it with the latest Apache, Perl and so on so that I can run my webserver from home. I also like to use Freesco as a mediaserver. With all the knowledge there is it must be possible. By the way: forgive my English but I hope everybody can hear my cry.

With regards, Klaas
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Re: My wish list...

Postby Speedy Lan » Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:19 am

Hello All,

I use Freescoo since 0.27 and I still use it because it gives me so much more flexibility over other ready-made router-firewall-younameit-servers.
Could we have a Freesco that uses an more recent kernel, even if that would mean it would no longer be a single floppy router?
Floppies are dieing out, and sometimes it is hard to find some, not to mention floppy drives.
Silly old me was thinking of a CD version, but that also is ancient in the eyes of the youth of today.
So an USB-stick version then?
Hmmm, I would rather have it on CD, my 500 Mhz pc can not boot from USB I think.
Everything older than that 500 Mhz I am going to kick out of the house Real Soon now (honest!), so if you live near me in Holland, you can come and pick something up, maybe :)

Next question would be, if we were going to make a newer Freesco, who would be the ' WE' that is going to do it?
Lightning has done so much for such a long time (and others too), would it be fair to expect such a thing?
For me, doing Linux from scratch is still one those dreams that will still be a dream for a long time, probably.
And that means my linux knowledge is very minimal at best.
So, I can not put my money where my mouth is, but I can hope, right? :)

So let's wait and see what will come up.
I am hoping for the best.

Speedy Lan
Low lag, High bandwidth 8-)
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Re: My wish list...

Postby auda » Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:33 pm

The main one is to remove the floppy make it run from a USB stick.
From the readme.txt in .043:
"a USB device can be used to install FREESCO on the hard drive and it also means that if someone were to customize the base ramdisk that it could in theory run in ram booted from a USB device"
Good please do it and forget about floppies I have spent the last 3 hours trying in vain to boot from a USB and install to the HD.
Also from the readme.txt:
"You must also be connected to the Internet to download the kernel and ramdisk for an ext2 install or you can copy these files directly to a FAT hard drive install from DOS."
Just put them in the USB image, make our life easy.

Auda the frustrated.

PS I still have one person using a read once floppy system but the only floppy drive I can get now is, USB Floppy Disk Drive DR463 wholesale $79.00 + 15% tax that will become a compactflash install when the drive dies.

As a comparison an Adata Myflash C802 Classic USB 2.0 4GB is wholesale $11.32 + 15% tax

1.44 MB for $91 or 4GB for $13 Hmm hard choice

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Re: My wish list...

Postby Lightning » Tue Feb 15, 2011 8:32 pm

As a side note to this discussion. One option is to install a virtual floppy and just use the disk image that comes with FREESCO. In most cases you will have to rename the boot image file extension to match what the software is looking for like. But it will work and when you do this you can edit the syslinux.cfg file to use a "usb" device instead of fd0. At that point you can un-mount the disk image and then you can use that image to create a bootable CD or even a USB device using a disk image if you get the proper software that will use an image rather than a physical floppy which may require nameing the boot image file to something like a ".bif" extension. In the near future I may release a boot floppy image for just such cases. But the original will work if you have a virtual floppy and the modified boot USB image will probably just have a few extra network drivers included.

On Linux machi8nes you can mount the original boot image as a live file system and modify the sysylinix.cfg file to use "usb" instead of "fd0". But you must mount the image as "msdos" instead of "umsdos". something like

mount -t msdos /freesco-043.img /mnt/fd -o loop
edit /mn/fd/syslinux.cfg # change fd0 to "usb"
umount /mnt/fd
dd if=/freesco-043.img of=usb-device
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