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Postby dRB » Sun Jan 14, 2007 1:59 am

:D I am really unclear if this category is appropriate for what I have to say, as the content of my comments basically breaks down into 3 parts.

Without question, there has been a very high volume of support related activity over the years.

And I think we can all agree hands down, while support has been offered by numerous users during that period, that Lightning has definitely been the backbone of both support and development.

And a portion of that support content has been documented into such entities as FREESCO FAQ, FREESCO DoKuWiKi, My FREESCO Page, Manual, and other resources.

My hat's off, first to Lightning, and then to all others in this give-n-take FREESCO phenomena. I say that with my eyes wide open, as I am fully aware of how much energy and time goes into projects such as this.

Above the surface, these resources are FREE. Below the surface, it all comes at a cost ----- a sacrifice by everyone involved in porting this vital information into usable resources and into this forum, and into the dollar value that is expended into keeping such platforms as hosting and bandwidth active.

All that said, I have uploaded some changes to the Documentation category at the main site. These changes have attempted to float to the surface some of the internal content hosted at the various resource portals. I would expect that the volume of content will continue to expand.

On that note, and in closing, I would encourage everyone who is able, to follow through with submitting a dollar donation --- great or small. All donations work towards easing the costs of operation. A donate button has been provide on the main FREESCO website for your convenience.

;) Cheers,
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