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The login is a package designed for Internet cafe's or other aplications where Internet access is restricted per MAC address per day on a set time limit. With a login username and password required as well. There are five login names that can be used and each name has it's own password which can be left as a static password or automatically changed by the system on a daily basis and emailed to the controller or viewed from the web control panel. MAC addresses are used to control clients so standard dynamic DHCP can be used. User number one always has unlimited access and clients two through five can be controlled independently on a hour/minute basis. The primary login page is always redirected from any URL so every one who is not logged in will be redirected to that page. There is also a redirect capability so that even after a login a specific URL can be reloaded into the web browser.
This package is still beta and testing has been very limited. So there could still easily be various bugs.

This package can manually be installed with
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pkg -i -/beta/login-1.1-lightning.pkg
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