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Postby TeCuMSeH » Mon Aug 12, 2002 1:57 pm

<font color='#000000'>I just found out that a couple of topics from the old freesco.org forum are missing. This is one of them and i had it printed out. I'm stripping it to the relevant info.

Here some setting voor @home holland with com21 cable modem:
(these are my working settings)

1 pc 486DX2/66 = 16 Mbram
2 3com 3c509b-tp (10Mb)

first i download from 3com the networkcard setup disk to set and view Ioadres, IRQ, and handy the mac adress

just from creating and booting from 0.27 setup

711 user acount like cc12345-1 (not router)
712 name off your local net inet or (@home if you like)
modem detect NO
8xx number of networkcards 2 (or 3)
811 IO port first networkcard 0x300
812 IRQ first networkcard 10 (if pci just enter)
821 IO port second networkcard 0x210
822 IRQ second networkcard 11
720 Use DHCP : Y
721 Interface name first nic : ETH0
722 Enable DHCP client messages in the log: Y
723 Enable auto configuration of DNS via DHCP: Y
731 Interface name second nic : ETH1
732 Ip adress ETH1 :
733 netmask :
734 IPRANGE1="" (yes i have a big hub, only 10 Mbit-()
411 Enable caching DNS server: S
412 Enable debug info :N (i dont understand it so throw away)
422 WINS: -
423 default-lease-time,max-lease-time : Enter
431 Enable Public HTTP Server: N
441 Enable Time Server and control via HTTP : S
442 on port :82
443 Host timeserver address : www.clock.org (just enter)
444 Offset to UTC (-1200 -:- +1200) : +200 (summertime?) else +0100
451 Enable Print Server :N
46 Enable telnet server:S
14 Savers - screen(min),hdd(x5sec) 0 -off: -off
16 Swap size in Kb on boot device. 0 - off: -off
System_log,logings_log sizes (bytes): Just enter
912 Primary DNS address for ethernet connection: (replace with your own)
913 Secondary DNS address for ethernet connection: (replace with your own)

all other questions just enter
save and exit

first time nothing happend, so changed cablemodem and hub and its working.

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Postby dingetje » Tue Aug 13, 2002 2:43 am

I'll move this one to the FAQ section, alright?
Thanks for the input. BTW: I'm using the Dutch @home too ;)

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