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Postby dingetje » Fri Dec 27, 2002 8:20 pm

How would I search for, say, 'SNMP' if I were new to Freesco?

1. Click on the search link at the top of the page (3th from the right).
2. In the Search by Keywords field enter 'snmp' (without quotes). Never user capitals in a search request.
3. In the Search Where? choose '>> All Forums', since I'm new to this stuff and I don't know what can be found where.
4. In Refine Search, select options 'Search entire post' and 'Show results as topics'.
5. To be sure to find all info, in the Search posts from... field select 'Any date' and 'Newer'.
6. Click the Perform the search button and wait.

When you do this, a search for 'snmp' comes up (after 15~20 seconds in my case) with 2 pages and a total of 48 topics where snmp is mentioned.

Thanks to 'Icy K'.

  • Using the SEARCH button will help to reduce duplicate posts about the same or similar problems. This in turn will keep the people that usually have to answer these (newbie) questions available to answer other problems rather than having to answer the same ol' questions over and over again.
  • Howto modified for new Invisionboard forum</li>

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