Running Freesco from a HDD without MSDOS

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Postby Kevin Linx » Fri Feb 08, 2002 5:43 pm

<font color='#000000'>Running Freesco from a HDD without MSDOS - a HOWTO by Serge
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 - HOWTO -
Running Freesco 0.2.7 from a HDD without MSDOS.

1. Make sure your hdd partition is FAT-12 or FAT-16.
NOTE: FAT-32 is not supported.

2. Download syslinux.gz from
and save it on freesco floppy in a:\ router\ directory.
(if you have tuned freesco on a floppy which can connect to internet you can skip this step).

3. Insert Freesco floppy and boot from it.

4. Connect to intenet and download syslinux.gz:
export `grep PROXY /etc/system.cfg`
or if you downloaded file in step 2 just copy it:
cp /mnt/router/syslinux.gz /tmp/syslinux.gz

5. Unpack it and make it executable:
zcat </tmp/syslinux.gz >/tmp/syslinux
chmod a+x /tmp/syslinux

6. Move your router to hdd:

7. Mount your hdd partition:
mount -t umsdos /dev/hda1 /hd

8. Copy ramdisk and kernel:
cp /hd/router/ramdisk /hd
cp /hd/router/kernel /hd

9. Create new syslinux config file:
cat /mnt/syslinux.cfg | sed s/fd0/hda1/g > /hd/syslinux.cfg

10. Unmount hard disk partition:
umount /hd

11. Install syslinux:
syslinux /dev/hda1

12. Halt your router.

13. Remove floppy and press Reset button.

14. Enjoy.
by: Serge 10/22/00

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Kevin Linx

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