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Postby Howler » Thu Jul 10, 2008 11:49 am

Hello all,

Well FREESCOsoft has gone through a major upgrade. It is almost propogated to all of the mirror sites, all but two.

The new site is PHP run and a lot less work. I am hopeing that with this upgrade, the site will stay up-to-date better, sine I do not have to manually do the work as I used to (or very shortly will not be).

One thing that this does, is make it a bit harder to get packages and files onto the FREESCOsoft site in the first place (well easier than the form submissions). There are a couple requirments now. One is to run a specific script that creates (or re-creates) the packages.txt file, so that it is compliant with the process. It also requires that your site be 'probed' every so often for new or updated packages. This can be discussed more when the script is obtained (not yet on the Fs site).

ALSO, the default package location in most of the FREESCO 03x systems out there, is incorrect (to an extent). I have linked it to be correct, but if possible it should be changed to reflect the correct URL. The modification needed to the URL is to have the " home/ " removed, that is it, just moved them up one level. As far as I am aware, this should make no changes to the package location on the mirror sites (besides the main site).

The site is still under construction, as different parts are tweaked to work better or look better, if you have any suggestions, let me know. I will not say I will follow every suggestion, but every one of them will be read and thought about for consideration as an addition or modification.

As a note to all the current package authors out there, please contact me here (via PM) or via any of my IM accounts (ICQ MSN AIM YAHOO) and we can talk about getting your packages added to FREESCOsoft. Understand that the process is easy, the steps are less than I had before, the work on your end is 'practically' eliminated.
The only requirement AFTER starting, is to keep the packages.txt compliant. The old process included submitting a form on the main site for each package, this is no longer needed (except for updates to your global setting) and is virtually handled 100% automatically, no human intervention needed. I like that and I am sure you would too.
Since the site upgrade and the general update process was the main concern, the actual process of updating of the packages is a bit rough, at this point, but will be tweaked as the process is used and streamlined.

Thanks and Happy FREESCOing
( OH - go vote for FREESCO in the CCA08 on SourceForge )

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