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Postby netguru » Wed Mar 05, 2008 2:53 pm

Did God create Earth with UNIX ?
Here is an ancient sh script that was recently found on an old UNIX box at cambridge....


Code: Select all

cat /home/God/.sh_history

God logged in the at 12:01:00, sunday, april 1st.

/sbin/Make the light!
Bad Command or filename.

Light created and running (pid 0)

./sbin/Earth and sky
Earth and sky running (pid 1)
0 errors.

And God made Day and Night. God seen that there were 0 (zero) errors, (pid 2)
And left the system at 12:02:00, sunday, april 1st.
God return to a access the system at 12:01:00, monday april 2nd.


./EARTH/Have establish between water and light.
Bad Command or filename.

./sbin/touch /EARTH/establish
Establish created.

establish running (pid 3)

And God divided the water. God seen that there were 0 (zero) errors.
And God logged off at 12:02:00, monday, april 2nd.
God logged in the system at 12:01:00, tuesday, april 3rd.

Ok - forests (pid 4)

Ok - animals (pid 5)

/sbin/touch -create man like myself
Sintax error.

/sbin/touch -create man
Man created.

* 3 minutes ago
* - 3 days left to response.

Extra details

3 minutes ago
/sbin/move man*.* ./Eden Garden.
Diretory not found.

/sbin/mkdir Eden Garden

/sbin/move man*.* ./Eden Garden

/sbin/cd "Eden Garden"

./Eden Garden> touch create desire.
Operation executed.
1 error(s)

./Eden Garden/multiplicate
Ok - multiplicate (pid 5)

God seen man and woman bearing and multiplying on Eden Garden
God logged off the system at 23:00h, wednesday, april 4th.
God anxious got back to access at 00:02h, thursday, april 5th...

./sbin/touch free will.

./sbin/free will.
Ok - free will (pid 6)

2 minutes ago
./sbin/rm desire
Desire could not been removed (permission denied - owned by user satan) due to the creation of free will.

./sbin/rm free will
Free will is unaccessible file (permission denied- owned by user satan) and may not be eliminated.
Press substitute key, cancel or try manual pages man(8) free will .

And God seen man and woman at the Eden Garden, already messing with established parameters.

./sbin/Create good and evil.
Ok 14:01 (7 minutes ago) Mr. Stanley
./sbin/Activate evil
kernel: message: pid (process id) logging killed by user satan - system error

And God seen that He created shame. Atention: System error in the last operation E96.
Man and woman are not at Eden Garden. 4277732 errors.

2 minutes ago
./sbin/SCAN Garden, E.D.E.N. man-woman.
man-woman not found.

./sbin/rm shame.
shame may not be rmeted with evil process running.

./sbin/rm free will.
inaccessible file. may not be eliminated. Press substitute key, cancel or help.

./sbin/Interrupt program!
Imperative exclamation turns the command unrecognizable. Try Interrogation or Help.

./sbin/kill -9 (pid 6)
kill - permission denied .

./sbin/Suspend program.
Bad Command or filename.

./sbin/Suspend program!
Sintax error.

./sbin/Create new Earth
./dev/sda1 is full.

kernel (panic) root file system full (too many files owned by satan) core dumped.
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Postby Thasaidon » Sat Mar 08, 2008 7:12 am

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Postby CDFiXER » Sat Mar 08, 2008 11:58 pm


Hmm, that could be backed up on an old Unix box running a machine where I work. Date on it is @1984 or 87, IIRC.
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