Hard Drive Layout Ext2 Partition Sizes

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Postby auda » Tue May 20, 2008 10:36 pm

Many years ago, I bought my first new hard drive and confidently told my wife that it was 80 Megs and we could never fill it up and so justified the $500 price.
Last week I brought a new 320Gb for $115 because Freesco's other 320 Gb drive was getting full.
How times change.
My question is this what is the best partition size for ext2 ? Are there any "magic" sizes like the old 32 Meg 512 Meg and newer 137 Gb ?
The drives hold a mixture of music, movies, Tv shows, photos and the 51 Gb of stuff I have dloaded over the last 20 years that I haven't felt comfortable deleting, yet.
So its a mix of very stable read only old data, stable but added to music and films, occasionaly edited photos and very volitile changing very day stories that my wife writes, kids home work and the like.

What size partitions should I use ? I have 90 --> 110 Gb on the current drive and they take ages to check, every 39 boots, and a while to mount. Are several small size ones going to be quicker in total or one larger one ?

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