FREESCO v0.4.3 beta testers

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FREESCO v0.4.3 beta testers

Postby Lightning » Sun Mar 28, 2010 9:35 pm

I am in the final stages of testing for the next version of FREESCO and it would be helpful to have a few more beta testers to make certain there aren't any bugs in any of the new code that gets released. If anyone is interested in doing some beta testing please send me a PM and I will give more details on what is needed and required.
Here are the current release notes for anyone interested.
Changes to FREESCO v0.4.3

Removed debugging option from the dhcp server script and setup, which can not work.

Repaired the dyndns noip client to activate the updated hosts. Previously the IP would update but during the update process the account was not re activated.

Repaired bug in the commonfn script that caused the web control panel user/add option not to function properly.

Repaired a typo in the language file for the default editor which was shown as
/bin/edt and should have been /sbin/edt

Repaired the dynamic DNS NO-IP client to work with there new update protocol.

Repaired the firewall status color coding in the addon package menu firewall
enable/disable section of the setup.

Repaired some network routing problems in the rc_net script when the firewall is disabled.

Added software raid0145 and linear support into the kernel source and into the
system shut down process. To enable software raid a third party raid enabled
kernel must be installed.

Added the 'test' binary and '[' into the system for better scripting support.
Which now includes all of the standard option flags.

Added settings information to the setup -> system settings menu main display.

Added extra logging information for the LPD server so it displays feed and raw
queue information in the main system logs at startup and on tty5.

Added a firewall only mode to the rc_masq script so that NAT can be disabled and still maintain firewall rules for service ports and any other specific
exclusions needed.

Added a automatic restart of the ppp monitoring script any time a new IP address is received. This resolves any problems with the script using an inaccurate IP address for testing connectivity.
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