Hello from Montreal

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Hello from Montreal

Postby tecknojunky » Sat May 14, 2011 11:07 pm

i gang,

Just a quick stop by to say hello and give you some news.

Well, lets start by the bigest life changing one... Feb 17, 2009 saw the birth of the joy of my life, my son Nathaniel. This flipped my life over. I had to move away from downtown and find a normal regular pay-day job located... downtown! Those are the two things I focus on for the moment (kid and job). Of course, when you use Linux, you tend to set, forget and let those too stable boxes run, and run, and run, until you, like I did, have to move that gear, which means you have to shut it down. Well, that did not went to well. I had a nearly two years up time on my main data server and no more updating either, so after two years, that beast never came back online due to too many bad sectors on the drive which (obviously) I was not monitoring. That was 1 year and a half ago and I still have not recovered the data yet (maybe I never will). All that is to say, I never had the time (nor the courage) to bring back this gear to life and so I kind of lost track of things with FREESCO and the mirror I had for Freescosoft (since my webserver died). Even when it was live, I already took a big step back in FREESCO (see, I still remember how to write it ;) )

I sure do miss you guys. In 2002 (or was it 2000?), FREESCO as been the real starter for me in Linux, altough I unsuccesfully played a bit with Mandrake and Red-Hat two years before that, it is really the small foot print of FREESCO for which it does not take long to go around (many times over), and then start to fiddle with it, create packages for it... until you realize "Hey! I know Linux!". I will be eternally grathfull for the solid Linux foundation FREESCO brang me professionaly. But it is not the only thing it procured me. More importantly, here, I have found a community that gave me the true sense of what is the Free Software philosophy. Above all, I made much appreciated friends with whom I had fun with, and that's the very BEST FRESSCO gave me.

I don't know how long was my last post,a couple of years for sure. I hope (I will try) that my next post will come sooner. Anyhow, as you can see, I keep an eye on FREESCO from time to time.

C ya.
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Re: Hello from Montreal

Postby Lightning » Sun May 15, 2011 9:03 am

It is always great to hear from one of the OLD guys and it is nice to know what is happening in there life. Also as you know with a young son, floppies are pretty good teething devices both literally and philosophically.

Best regards,
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