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Postby strampke » Sun Dec 17, 2006 6:15 pm


I didn't realy dive into it yet, but <a href='' target='_blank'>HTML Kit</a> seems to be a very good choice for web-developers.
You can download all kinds of plugins to ease your programming efforts.

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Postby PHBC50 » Sun Dec 17, 2006 8:48 pm

Looks great for html/php coding! I like the integrated ftp client !

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Postby jezebelus » Tue Apr 10, 2007 8:48 am

Sounds nice. I used to work with Crimson Editor, its free and very useful similar to Ultra Editor.
<a href='' target='_blank'> </a>
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Postby pete108 » Wed Apr 11, 2007 2:08 pm

i use <a href='' target='_blank'></a>
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